Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Whew! Seriously, what a whirlwind! So last i left off, when we had about 277 million, and our nurse was gracious enough to stay late, all the math pointed that we'd have just enough cells and be finished today, well 4pm came around and the Doc said enough, so the nurse took her time and gathered the last sample.....our previous count had just came in and it was 306 million. ugh! We were SO close, and the nurse said we'd just have to wait for the final sample. BUT the lab said it wasn't protocol and that we had to wait until morning. Then the team of Doc's started to talk and decided that we needed another day for harvest! ARE YOU SERIOUS?! We were both SO disappointed, that right there in front of everyone, we burst into tears. So close to getting to go home, and then we had to wait! So we got packed up and thanked our nurses for staying so much later than usual, and went back upstairs for another night. We cried some more, and then called the boys and they made us smile......then out of nowhere, our Doc came back in our room, with all the supplies to pull out Colin's IJ line from his neck (this is where they hooked him up to harvest the stem cells). WHAT?!?! She said, they've called the lab, ran the test and the final count is over 400 million!!!!!!!!!! PRAISE JESUS! we needed 350 million! AHHHHHHH.......i had to ask her to double check, just in case it was a sick joke! But she laughed and said that everyone saw how badly we missed our kids and wanted to make it happen.....Well i can tell you who made it happen, Our Mighty Doc in the sky, that's who! It was your prayers, nothing short of a miracle made this happen, and we have you all to thank for praying and getting us home tomorrow morning! HOW AWESOME IS THAT!
So, now Colin's laying in his bed with a 5 pound weight on his neck, because they don't actually stitch the vein back up after taking the line out of it, i guess it's just supposed to heal itself, we're waiting a certain amount of time, to stop the bleeding and get the air-tight bandages on, then to sleep, and after the early morning blood work, WE GO HOME!!!!!!!

It's been a really long day, but i learned a lot, the most amazing people, are the people who are SO unselfish to care about someone else, and go that extra mile, our nurse actually came up when she heard the great news, so we hugged her and thanked her again! One thing i will take away from this, is patience......whoa, it's an ugly one to learn, but we getting there. i'll never master it, but God's grace is good! It fills in the cracks where i come up short!

With that, i need to end this long day with a hot cup of soup and a good night sleep!

i'm sure we'll be in touch to tell you how good being at home feels!
until then, HUGS to you and thanks again for walking with us today and each day of our journey!

Luv, Melissa


  1. Thats awsome news!!!! Have a safe trip home!


  2. Praise God! Enjoy your boys!

    Arlen and Heidi

  3. HURRAYYYY!! Have a safe trip home and enjoy all the hugs from the boys!! We serve a gracious God who knows us by name!!
    Lotsa love Auntie Dawna

  4. This is so AWESOME - BEEN PRAYING ALL DAY and so we thank God for his amazing answers to prayer/ Love you guys Heather

  5. This is so great. I've been reading your posts all day and hoping along with you! God is so good to his beloved children.

    Auntie Lorrie

  6. Wow.... God is so good. How over-whelming is His mercy, His faithfulness. I'm so thrilled for you! I'll keep praying.
    Praise the Lord!

  7. Darla ChristiansonNovember 4, 2009 at 6:32 PM

    WOW what great news Colin and Melissa! Everyone has been praying for you and we give God all the Glory! Have an outstanding time at home with your children. god is Good!!

    Darla Christianson