Thursday, November 12, 2009

Not So Great News...

I wish i didn't have to bring this news, but today, Colin has taken a turn for the worse. This morning it just came up in a matter of hours, his temperature went from 36.6 to 40.6! We quickly called our Doc's in Calgary and they told us to get to Med Hat Cancer Clinic as fast as we could. So when the Doc here saw Colin, he had to admit him, his fever was still on the rise and he had some lower abdomen pain that he couldn't ignore. So they finally found him a bed and he is there now, already having had the XRay for his abdomen, he's a little more comfortable, i have yet to hear if he's keeping anything down, he hasn't been able to all day since his fever started.

I'm glad that for now, we can stay here in town, just for the kid's sake.....please pray that it's nothing serious, that the antibiotics they have him on with TONS of IV fluids will do the trick.

We are SO not ready to cut our time at home short, so please pray that he's feeling better tomorrow, and his meds start working!
i'm not going to panic, we've come WAY too far, not to trust in The God who has carried us this far! If you could do anything to help, it would be to pray!

i'll make sure i update as i hear details!

Tomorrow is a new day, and i will be very glad to put this one to rest! Time to put the kiddo's to bed!


  1. Oh, we will be praying, more than ever. Hang on to God's promises to be with you in everything.

    sending you love,
    Lorrie (Auntie)

  2. Melissa and Colin - WE are praying that this is just a small bump in the road. God is Good and will continue to hold you in his care. All will be well.
    Denise Tschritter

  3. Praying for you both!!! Hang on....

  4. praying praying praying....

  5. Praying....

    Melissa Waechter