Friday, November 20, 2009

Hurry, Quick!

Seems this is the only time i have to sit down today, so i might as well maximize my time and let you all know where we're at! The last few days have been a blur of getting everything ready for our return to Calgary. I'm surprised at how settled we have gotten is such a short time, it was so good to be home! Colin and Corban have been pretty much inseparable since he's been out of the hospital, and well, Keegan has his last two eye teeth to cut and then hopefully by the time my parents and friends are watching him, he'll be himself again! I'm glad he was miserable with us, and not our dearest loved ones!
Once again, we are in awe of God's timing, with everything, but just with Colin's infection and the kids being sick, and them being healthy before we was able to get home, so he didn't get sick! WOW, and that's just the part that we can see, who know's the other dangers, that God was protection him from!
How blessed we are to have such amazing people around us, honestly at every angle, we are surrounded by people with the biggest hearts and with a genuine willingness to help. We are forever grateful to each one who has blessed us!
We will make sure to update when we get back up to Calgary, and probably before we leave again. This might just be our outlet to get our feelings out. Thank you for being the listening ears, this has been our "dumping ground" throughout this process, which Colin and i are so thankful for!
ok, off to get Keegan up so we can get the rest of our busy day over with!

Happy Friday! Except to all those on shift work....i guess weekends aren't that exciting unless you luck out and get one off! i better go now, the rambling has begun!

Luv, Melissa

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