Friday, November 13, 2009


Shew! This afternoon when the Doc came back to see Colin, he brought some news that we really didn't want to hear! It turn's out, it's not just a 'bug' that Colin has, but a severe infection in his intestines! By the fever and throwing up yesturday and the results of the blood cultures today, it showed the infection was already in his blood stream and if not treated, it could spread to other organs! BUT God is good, Colin is being treated and he is on isolation at the hospital, so no other germs come into contact with him....he is stable and starting to eat again. Bad news, is that the Doc wants him in the hospital here for 2 weeks on antibiotics......WHOA! That means that if the infection isn't gone by the time we are to start the next round of chemo, our transplant schedule goes out the window and everything gets pushed back. Not such a bad thing just hearing that, but to us, it means that there will no possible way we will be home for Christmas. AND our dearest Corban has a birthday that we were planning on celebrating with him while we are home, Colin might have to miss altogether! It's heartbreaking to be this close to finishing and having those plans take a different route. I am trying to find the best in this, which, as it stands, is that Colin is in the safest place he could be. Today both our boys are sick with the sniffles, and i'm glad Colin is away from those germs. We miss him so much, and Corban is really taking him being gone, really hard. He cries a lot, and makes sure that I can't go far without him.
Colin's doing ok, he's upset, but glad we caught this when we did, it's serious, but he's safe now, and in good hands! They want to do more testing and scopes on Monday and hopefully he can get stable enough to be allowed out on pass, but as it sounded today, the Doc was not comfortable with that liability, so it's going to take some persuasion, i'm not sure how far we'll get but there's always a chance.

Sorry to bring more not so great news, but we'll wait the weekend and see what next week brings. This sucks, plain and simple, but i just have to keep reminding myself that God has carried us this far, i can't stop trusting Him now, but i'm still disappointed, and tired, and crying, BUT it doesn't mean that i'm not trusting......i'm trying to 'let go and let God'.....i need to get some rest. i'll make sure the post as we have more information!
Thank you again for praying!

luv, Missy


  1. We'll continue to pray for healing.

    Arlen and Heidi

  2. I know that this is a difficult trial for you when you were both looking forward so much to these weeks at home together as a family. It's hard to see those hopes dashed.
    But in the long run, isolation might be the safest place for Colin, and two weeks out of a lifetime is not that long. I don't presume to know God's plans, but maybe, this is his way of protecting Colin from all the bugs and germs that are out there at this time of year.

    I'm holding you in my heart constantly, praying as I go about my day,

    with love,
    A. Lorrie