Monday, November 23, 2009

Back to the grind...

Well Melissa and I are back in Calgary getting ready for the last cycle of chemo. I was at the hospital today checking in with the Transplant Clinic talking to our doctor. She was just getting us prepared for what to expect during this chemo and also during and after transplant. She was very optimistic I would do very well and the transplant would go well also. We start tomorrow and for the next 6 days I endure chemo for hopefully the last time in my life!

The best news from the doctor was if all things do go well, and we will be praying they do, she would discharge me on Dec 14th and then on Dec 21st we could possibly go home for Christmas until the 29th! Please pray everything goes well so we can spend it at home with our family!

That's about all we have right now, but as the week progresses we will surely update the blog. Thank you again for your continued prayers.


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