Monday, November 2, 2009

This morning was a busy morning for me. I had blood taken at 3 am for my cell counts and my white cells were up to 10.8, unfortunately the nurse didn't take blood for my stem cell counts. I was then woken up at 6 am for another G-CSF and at 8:30 I had my IJ line put in my neck. They finally took blood for my stem cell count at about 9:30 and when it came back my count was not high enough to harvest today, so we wait until tomorrow.

I did have 2 units of red cells this morning because it was not high enough for harvest either. Hopefully they stay high enough for tomorrow and continue to climb like everything else. I know the G-CSF shots are working because between blood work at 3 am and then again at 9:30 I jumped from 10.8 to 15.4! My stem cell count was 27 and needs to climb to at least 35 which it should do with everything else going up. I get another shot tonight and again tomorrow morning.

Other then that, Melissa and I are hanging out in my room at the hospital. When I found out about not being able to collect today, I was very disappointed. I just want to go home and see Corban and Keegan again and be a family in our own home. I know I only have about 3 more weeks in the hospital with 1 more cycle of chemo, then its all about recovery!

Those months before I go back to work are going to be so special for our family. We haven't been at home all together for more then a couple weeks since April!

Hi, it's Melissa here, that last part above was from Colin, and i know i thought i would finish, seeing as he's exhausted and fast asleep right now! We are disappointed about not being able to go home tomorrow, but, God has shown us that His timing is perfect. Though we may not understand, we know and we trust, God's impecible timing! His protection has also come to mind.....who knows, maybe He's protecting Colin from someone who is sick, so he doesn't get sick! It sucks, but we've come way too far with God's provision to give in to worry and stressing over things that God is taking care of! We just miss our kids! I just can't wait to go home, and watch cartoons in our bed with the boys! Soon enough, i know!

Keep praying that things can go ahead for harvest tomorrow! I'll make sure to take some video and pictures, it's a really neat procedure!

ok, i better go!

Colin and Melissa :)

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