Sunday, October 25, 2009

Tearful goodbye

Well today was a tough day because Corban and Keegan went home to Medicine Hat to spend the week with Nana and Papa. Corban, Melissa and I had a good long cry together before they left but as soon as the movie started in car, Corban was ok. Keegan just thought he was going for a car ride. It was really hard to say see you later to the boys because we have been together for almost a month with them! I hate having to leave them even though I know in a week I will be at home.

It's a good thing they are not here this week because everyday but Tuesday, Melissa and I have to go to the hospital. Monday is my check in day for blood work, then the rest of the week I have to get G-CSF shots to boost my stem cell counts before the collection next Monday, Nov 2. The doctor was saying I get 2 shots a day so they are going to show Melissa how to give the shots, so we only have to go in the mornings and she will give the other shot at night. Maybe Melissa missed her calling and should have been a nurse because she is a great care taker and I am so blessed to have her as my wife!

I am doing well these days. I know my cell counts are close to bottoming out right now because how my body feels. I walk up the stairs and need to sit down when I get to the top. It's kind of frustrating because before I got diagnosed, I could run for an hour and still have lots left to work out. I know I will be back at that point eventually once I can start running and working out again, but for now this is what I have to deal with and I just take it easy.

Please pray for this week to go quick and the stem cell collection to only take one day. Also for Corban and Keegan who are at home with Glen and Sue for this week that they don't miss us too much or more so that we don't miss them too much. Thank you all for your continued support and prayers!



  1. Just want you to know that you are alway's in our prayers...God is good and he carries us thru the tough times... we pray He will hold you close thru these next days and that they will go quickly...He is our strength when we cannot walk alone...We pray his peace over you each and every day...
    Ed and Vi Heller and Valinda Welk

  2. Colin and Missy,

    You are in our hearts and our prayers during these difficult days. We are thanking God for continuing your healing process.
    Hang in there. We love you.

    Uncle Tim and Auntie Lorrie