Friday, August 27, 2010

Sometimes Hard to Read...

Whoa! I have to apologize, that last entry was a little rambled and jumbled together. It must be hard to read my scattered thoughts on this blog...makes me realize what amazing people i have in my life to even take the time out to read my thoughts and experiences at all! So, THANK YOU!


  1. You're funny! I never thought of it as jumbled at all! Have a great night! Hugs...Kelly

  2. I am always so blessed by your posts. It is good to see some fun and "normal" days.

  3. No worries made perfect sense to me :) hehehe!

    Actually the friends part was something I have said many times. When Lorne was alive I spent all my free time with him and I wouldn't change that for anything. When he was gone I began spending time with my friends again cause keeping busy is how I coped. It hit me then that I had really stopped interacting with my friends before. So amidst the sadness and pain I found some comfort and joy in the renewing of friendships in my life.

    Have a good weekend. Love you lots!! Yvonne

  4. I also love reading all your posts and this one made perfect sense to me as well..You never cease to amaze me Missy you are a blessing to all around you! Thanks for you being YOU!
    Ashley Jackson

  5. Dear Melissa:

    I read all your posts (I don't always comment), and I think they make perfect sense to me. I think it is great that you are reconnecting with friends and also very glad that the boys are doing well....

    Much love
    Aunt Debbie

  6. Made total sense to me. After your apology I re-read it 2 times looking for "jumbles" and couldn't see it.

    We LOVE reading the blog. Chris and I check it everyday... and we have a race to see who will read the new ones first. :) A simple text that says "blog" indicates a WIN!! (Usually I win).

  7. I too, am a committed reader and my favorite days are the days you only have time to throw something on the blog quick because you are in between activities. When there is a span of days that you don't post I pray hard, and when you post again and it's HAPPY because you've been so busy I'm delighted! You say that so many people you don't know have touched your life, you don't realize how many people your life (and blog)is touching. You are a blessing to so many :)

    praying faithfully,
    Michelle Isaak

    PS I didn't think it was jumbled either.