Saturday, June 12, 2010

Down to Business...

Hello All!
well, we're home, Colin is doing as well as he can be, extrememly exhausted, just to eat a meal makes him ready for another nap....we had a meeting with the Radiation nurses and therapists(the people who actually do the treatment each day) yesturday and they had said that this would be the most difficult treatment and fight of Colin's her words radiation is going to kick Colin's butt! They have gone through with us what resources we have available to us....she said Colin should be getting phyical a wheelchair ride around the block....i asked her if she was kidding, and she told me that would be all he will be able to do. So, i am in the process of setting up the house and getting in touch with homecare to make sure we have things at home here for after treatment is finished, it will only be worse for a couple 2-3 months after he finishes as well. There was an indication of Colin possibly doing more treatment to his spine after this full brain radiation. The reason they are not doing it all together is because the Doc took one look at Colin upon meeting him and said he was positive he would not be able to handle both treatments at once. BUT we know for sure the treatments are for the next four weeks, and we'll take the rest as it comes, they will decide once they see how Colin has responded to this four week process.
Honestly you guys, Colin's activity is limited to getting in and out of bed to get to the bathroom, sitting up to eat meals, and if he is feeling good, he'll venture downstairs to sit on the couch and be around the boys for a few hours. Aside from this he is in and out of sleeping all day and all night, and this will be the extent of how he will physically cope with getting through this process. It will only get worse from here, but we are getting a handle on how to function both in Calgary and here at home....our goal is to do this without Colin having to be hospitalized, they also said that it was likely that hospitalization could be needed.
There is so much to be overwhelmed about at the front end of this, but Andy and Nat have made their home in Calgary our home for the weekdays, which we are SO grateful for, and we have my parents and Colin's mom coming out again for help while we are all at home, and to watch the kids while we are away.
This next week Nat (my sis-in-law) will be staying with her kiddos here and taking our boys on as well, and then by the end of the week Darlene (Colin's mom) is flying in to Calgary and we will pick her up on the way back home for the weekend!
To each and every one of you who is helping us out with watching the kids, Darlene, Nat, Mom and Dad....we thank you so very each one who is helping us out with meals, we thank you so very much....The little cards and notes of encouragement that we have been getting is SO have no idea how much it means to us and to Colin that people are thinking and praying for him. It makes all the difference when he comes to the end of his rope, God gives him the strength he needs to endure and to hold on to HIM!!!
i am learning that we will be needing help, and that i need to speak up and ask. God has been so faithful with sending the help before i even have to ask, for that i am so very thankful, all of you are so tangibly showing us God's provision...God is using you to bless our family so much. You have brought us so much joy and you are showing us God's faithfulness when we pray for him to continually provide for us! You are the hands and feet of Jesus, i don't know if you really understand how powerful that is!!!!
We love you!!!! i will be in touch, i will try to do each day, but i can't promise anything at this point....on weekends especially with being with the boys, i will have more time hopefully on the weekdays when we're up in Calgary for treamtents to let you know how we are making out!
Luv, Melissa


  1. Just to let you know that I am praying for you and your family. Brad O (I'm his mom) gave me your blog and have been following along and praying not only for you all but also God's people to minister to your family as he directs. It is wonderful that our God is so reliable and trustworthy! He is our strength to get through each day. Keep your eyes on Him!

  2. Romans 12:12 came to mind today: "Be joyful in hope, patient in afliction, faithful in prayer."

    It is painful to read week after week how hard you have both had to struggle through this last year, but I am deeply thankful for your honest and transparent communication on this blog. We pray for you faithfully, along with many other brothers and sisters in Christ, and want to remind you as you face down another difficult week that we are called to be joyful in hope, because no matter how crappy our circumstances, we have the hope of Christ within us, and nothing - NOTHING can separate us from the eternal hope that is found in Him.

    Tell Colin Thanksgiving turkey has never tasted as good as it will this year, because the radiation treatments will be a distant memory, and he won't be too tired to eat! :)

    Love you guys,
    Lisa (and Jeff)

  3. My thoughts and prayers are with Colin, you and your family. I can certainly see how the love and prayers of others are carrying you through this difficult journey. While you have lots of support when you are in Calgary, please remember that we are here if there is any way we can help. Your mom has our contact info. Joan Raugust

  4. I am praying for you and Colin and your boys at every moment that I think of it.
    Do you have Andy and Nat's email address for me?? I have tried to find Natalie on facebook but couldn't find it. Christa Enns

  5. You are the ones the Lord looks upon with great delight. In our weakness, He is strong. May you be carried by His strength every moment and be upheld by his ever present help.
    Praying for you,
    Lisa Furlong