Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!!!!

Hello All!
Once again we are at home, taking it easy and enjoying our surroundings. Just being able to be with the kids is such good medicine! We are 7 treatments down and 13 more to go! Colin is feeling ok, he is getting a great deal weaker, but his fighting spirit hasn't gone anywhere! We were able to put our new "borrowed" wheelchair to great use yesturday and we all went for a walk as a family! Nat and the kids were still here and now Colin's mom is here again, so we ALL got to go, and get some sun and some fresh air! This morning he also tried out his new shower/tub chair also borrowed but's amazing how these things make life so much easier! I even straight shaved Colin today for the first time in our married life, and there was no blood! haha....he looks like a million bucks for Father's Day today! The kids gave him his cards and his new hoodie this morning and for supper mom is bringing over BBQ ribs and all the fixin's so we'll have a great Father's Day supper!
Tomorrow we head up again for another week...our appointment is at 3:15 so we'll leave just before lunch. We hope to get Colin out in the warm sun and fresh air again today, he's resting now, the shower and shave took a lot out of him, so he's trying to keep the little energy he has left to be able to eat with all of us for supper, and if he can't, we'll just all have a picnic in his bed with him:)
For now, Corban and i are having some much needed cuddles so i should go and maximize my time with him while the house is quiet!
i'll update this week with how Colin is doing with his second full week of treatment, i sure hope it goes as fast as the last week went!
I'm starting to get that sad feeling about leaving the boys, but they are in good hands and it's only for a short time, still easier said than done! We've had some good cry's together this weekend, it's good to make sure we're all getting that out especially for Corban....those dosages of emotion are good for him, so we've been told, so we'll just keep talking lots and loving each other and making all the good memories we can:)
I just want to mention to both Colin's Dad, Neil and my Dad, Glen, that you guys are the most amazing Dads Colin and I could ever have been blessed with....please know we are thinking of you both today and that we love you both so very much! Thank you for everything you've done for us through this process and your unwavering love and support as we continue through this!
I hope you all have enjoyed a great Father's Day weekend! Wishing all of you Dad's out there the bestest day today!
Luv, Melissa

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  1. Dear Missy, Colin, Keegan and Corbin;
    Melissa, the first time I met you at Eagle's Nest I was struck by how incredibly positive and bubbly you were. Over the years when our families spent time together,I always thought God had a special plan for you. He did! You are an amazing mother to your boys (I have kept track of you through your mom over the years) and as I see from reading your are the most blessed wife and firend that Colin could have!!! You are keeping your family afloat with the support of our Savior! He is present through your families, those around you and those far away. My prayer for you is peace...I pray for the easing of Colin`s pain ...You are a special family! Love & Prayers Suzanne