Sunday, June 27, 2010

I have made it my priority each morning to read our blog comments....because we are truly drawing and leaning on your prayers and encouragement through this fight. My worst fear are coming to reality that Colin's battle with intense pain is beginning. Last night before bed it started and i have never witnessed him in such agony, even with all he has been through this past year...he told me through tears that he has never felt such pain....and then he was broken with gratitude for what our Savior, Jesus went through for us on that dark day that he died for our every sin. All that Colin could do was Praise God for what he did for us and ask him to help him carry this burden of pain as well.....As i prayed for God to protect him through his moans, we just cried and held each other's hands and said how much we loved each other and how he loved our boys...he wants to hang on for us, but i told him our deepest desire for him is to be whole and healthy and to be with Jesus.
Yesturday we got to take some pictures of our family, and candid moments of being together out in our cousin Steph was so gracious to just take pics of whatever she could capture. What a blessing....our time is running out, we both can feel it, but our prayer is that there would be no anger towards our Powerful Heavenly Father through this time, Colin nor i have an ounce of anger....we are so sad that our time is cut short, and we are so broken with how our future will be separated, BUT our prayers are being answered and our miracle is that Colin will have an end to this ever-growing burden....he can lay it at the feet of JESUS and be whole with the One who has created him....true perfection....I agree, Colin is quite a man, his love for his friends and family, and his desire to be the best daddy he could be was something he worked on daily, and i admire the fact that he was constantly not content to be complacent in his faith...there was always more growth, something more he could do to be closer with our God.
I so desperately want him to stay with me, i don't want to be left isn't fair, it's not how life was supposed to turn out, but i'm not the judge of when God wants someone home, and i am SO blessed to have been SO enriched by having him in my life. My one True love....i need to go be with him, he is just in so much pain, today we are having Palliative care come in to change his meds to liquids to get it in faster and stronger and more little time, i hope our boys do ok through this...gotta go
luv, Melissa


  1. Praying for you constantly.

  2. Missy and Colin my heart goes out to you both and your family! All I can do is continuely pray for God's Strength and Peace over you guys! Matt and I love you guys and if you need any help, please don't hesitate to ask!! Tell Colin we are so Proud of him, what a positive guy he is! God loves Him and Colin needs to Rest in HIs Wings! Psalm 91


  3. Missy and Colin,
    Our hearts are so broken for you! We are praying constantly and are inspired by your testimony through this most difficult time. The song Child of God has been on my heart for you and I wanted to share the words with you:

    "With every breath, with every thought
    From what is seen to the deepest part
    I offer all that I've come to be
    To know your love fathering me

    Father You're all I need
    My soul's sufficiency
    My strength when I am weak
    The love that carries me
    Your arms enfold me, till I am only
    A child of God

    With every step on this journey's walk
    And wisdom's songs that the soul has sought
    I give myself unreservedly
    To know your love fathering me

    Father You're all I need
    My soul's sufficiency
    My strength when I am weak
    The love that carries me
    Your arms enfold me, till I am only
    A child of God."

    Love you so much!!!
    Jeff and Jenni

  4. You don't know me but I wanted to let you know that prayers are going up for you all from here on the South Shore of Nova Scotia. I have been following your blog through our son and daughter-in-law, Jonathan and Erin Coote who asked for prayer for you! You truly inspire me and I know God is holding you up because I know that HE never gives us more than we can handle! What a terrific witness you are for HIM as you go through this trying time. Praying for continued blessing on you! Love in HIM,
    The Cootes

  5. Wordless hugs reaching out in love across the miles. Constant prayers lifted to a loving God. Our hearts are with you.

    Uncle Tim and Aunt Lorrie

  6. Gerry and I pray for you guys every night. We don't always know how to pray, but we lift you up to our good God.


  7. Denise TschritterJune 27, 2010 at 11:43 AM

    Continuing to pray for strength and peace for all of you. God loves you and will get you through this.

  8. I am thinking of you guys constantly everyday and pray for strength for all of you. God be with you through these times. Kendal

  9. We cry fresh tears today for Colin's pain. We also have fresh gratitude for what Jesus carried on our behalf. He has paid for it all, there is nothing left for us to accomplish but trusting open-hearted joy in the presence of God. Praying grace, praying peace, praying strength as you surround Colin with love, knowing that God's eternal, supernatural love is what you seek to share.

    Jeff and Lisa

  10. Our thoughts are with you and we will continue to pray for you Colin, Melissa, your boys and your families through this most difficult time. I wish I could offer more than words...We are here if you need anything at all.

    Lisa and Neil

  11. Hugs go out to you and prayers for strength and courage as you face this challenge. Wish I could do more for you.
    Coni Christo

  12. I'm continually on my knees in prayer for you all. Praying God's grace washes over you all. Wish I could do more for you but know you are all loved and soaked in prayers every day.

  13. Shelter by Sandra McCracken

    In the arms of a good Father
    You can go to the deep water
    Where the questions, we have left unspoken
    Come out in the open
    We will find shelter here

    So I lay down, what I cannot hold in my hands
    Every sorrow and hope spinning out of control
    And here I find sweet resolution comes in letting go
    And we will find shelter here

    There is a tree by the blue river
    Where the shade stretches wide over
    In this breaking we are hand and glove
    Come with me my love
    We will find shelter here
    We will find shelter here...

    We are praying that you continue to find Shelter in His arms, stretching wide over you all.

  14. We pray that God will give you and Colin the Time and his grace will shine upon you and be gracious!
    we pray for a special blessing on your two boys and give them peace!
    lots of love
    Amber and Aaron

  15. You are never far from my prayers. I totally understand what you are going through. I continue to pray for God's strength as you & your family continue to walk through this incredibly tough journey. I know that God will give you all that you need each moment.

    Love & prayers,
    Donalyn, Kayla & Maria

  16. "The LORD has sent strength for you." Ps 68:28 pvb

  17. Colin and Melissa - we are in constant prayer for you and your precious little family! And, this morning we got our church to pray for you as well! Sending you hugs and blessings and prayers across the miles thru our Lord! We know He is there carrying you and holding you close and giving you a strength that can only come from Him!
    love and hugs - larry and joan ballantyne

  18. You do not know me, but my dad (Jack Lemire) and your father have worked many years together at the MHPD. My heart aches for what you are all going through and I admire your strength and positive attitude during such a painful time. I know it certainly cannot be easy. You are in my prayers and thoughts. Jennifer Noble

  19. thank you for sharing your journey. It is put a lot into perspective for me. My husband babysat Colin and his brother in Chilliwack (Reg). He has many stories of the "Burrit boy adventures". The most traumatic for him was when the boys locked him and themselves out of the house. Reg had to break in through a basement window and then when he went back outside he had to run up and down the neighbourhood looking for the boys. Ask Colin about driving the car into the side of the church.
    We were talking about where the glory of God is through this circumstance and Reg said it is all over you. The strength you have to share such a personal journey, the ability to worship God through this, the strength to carry a family at such a difficult time.
    We are praying for you,

  20. Colin and Melissa,

    I am relieved that your faith remains unshaken as does Glen's. I went through this at a young age with my mother. I can't comprehend going through something seemingly senseless without faith an the knowledge that our lives here are but temporary.With faith and hard work your family will get through and the children will grow in character and have a better unnderstanding and appreciation for the precious time that God grants us here on earth.

    Be not afraid,

    Joe & Cindy West

  21. Colin and Melissa

    Thinking and praying for you and your families.
    The good Lord will guide you through this very difficult time.


  22. Colin & Melissa ,
    Our family has walked a different path with similar results . A young couple , in love , married 10 years with three young children .
    Ten months ago when our daughter-in-law died it didn't make sense from a worldly perspective .
    What I want you both to know is that God will be there . We have seen it happen in our own lives. Whatever values you as a couple have instilled in your children will carry them . They will process things differently but God will encourage their little hearts .
    Colin ... your children will remember you and the spot that you fill in Melissa's heart will always be there . Love is a powerful thing .
    May God bring you His peace , His comfort , His strength . He will go before you , He will walk beside you , and He will carry you . He will minister to each one of you in whatever way you need it . He created you to be unique and that is how He will reveal Himself to each one of you .
    Much love to you and to your families as they walk this journey with you .
    Sharon Heidinger

  23. Colin and Melissa,
    I have been following your journey through this blog and conversations with Glen. Your unwaivering faith and positive spirts are an inspiration to me and many others, as is your love for each other. My thoughts are with you and your families during this difficult time.

    Rita S

  24. Colin and Melissa:

    We prayed for you this morning at the link church and this weekend after reading your blog; we spent hours in praise and worship in honour of you Colin..interceding on your behalf for your healing. What a powerful time that was. God is up to something. Melissa you are an amazing woman of God and I honour you this day. God has put His super on your natural; to give you supernatural wisdom and discernment beyond your years. God bless you as you minister to your husband and your children at this extremely difficult time
    Thank-you for sharing your journey with us all. Your love story with each other and your Heavenly Father has ministered deeply into our hearts. A story that needs to be shared with millions, and story to encourage, a story to bring hope, a story to make you cry, a story to make you laugh, and a story to share about a Saviour that without Him we could not attempt the journey ahead. A story embracing a God far biggier than ourselves. A story that without Him we could not be the people we are today. You both have demonstrated that in your weakness He is perfected. That in your weakness YOU ARE MADE STRONG. God is supernaturally carrying you Colin and Melissa and your family.

    It's a strength beyond mans expectation. God's will, will be established here on earth as it is in heaven. The will of the Father is for Colin to be healed. That is the will of the Father. All your prayer warriers are Aarons and Urs...lifting up your arms. We are all boldly coming to the throne room grace at your time of need. Holy Spirit we ask that you release your power to minister right back into this family supernaturally. This journey is a testimony of who you both are in Christ Jesus. A beautiful story showing Gods grace. In both of you is Christ; the hope of glory.

    Here is a beautiful song by shaneandshane to listen to: click on "the Lord's Prayer"

    Continuing to pray for you....Darla Christianson and Denise Szuler

  25. What a powerful testament of a powerful God! Your faith is SO strong what a great witness through all of this you two are. It breaks my heart that you have to endure such pain Colin. Melissa you are such a strong woman of faith! Your children will rise up and call you blessed. I pray that God wraps His loving arms around your whole family. Colin, you have given Corban and Keegan such a fabulous example of a great and loving God! You are in our prayers all day long.
    Lots of love
    The Morris's

  26. Dear Melissa & Colin,

    You don't know me, I am a freind of Kristen Morris, and have been praying for you since she shared your blog address.

    My sister's husband passed away tragically a few years ago, and I marvelled then at the unwavering reliance on Christ, and am doing so again as I read your blog.

    My family and I are praying for you guys daily, and it is our prayer that each moment is treasured and full and that no words are left unsaid. I doubt we will meet on this earth, but know you are supported by many.

    With love, hugs and many prayers,
    Lori De Witt & family

  27. Hello Melissa,

    We've never met, but my sister Debbie (your Aunt Debbie and Uncle Brian) has kept me up to speed with Colin's condition. I only met Colin once and I think it was about 12 or more years ago. He was in Calgary for a hockey tournament (If I recall correctly). I was visiting my relatives in the Calgary area and was staying at Debbie and Brian's home and Colin and a friend of his were staying there as well. I just recall how polite he was for someone that age. He left a very positive impression.
    I just want to tell you how sad I feel about what is happening and want you to know our thoughts are with you and Colin through this very difficult time.

    Larry Feldman
    Waterloo Ontario

  28. Dear Colin and Melissa,
    I'm Colin's second cousin - Jim's daughter - and I've been following your blog for awhile now... it has been amazing to me the strength you have in God while you have been dealing with all of this. I admire you both so much and want to thank you for how you have impacted me and I'm sure many others as you write out your thoughts each day. My heart breaks for you as I read what you are going through now... I can only imagine, as I have 2 little girls of my own. I will continue to lift you up in prayer, as so many others are doing.

    Mel (Willms) Luypen

  29. Missy and Colin,
    Our hearts go out to you, you and your family are constantly in our prayers. Your blog has been inspiring to us; it is clear that God is carrying you through this incredibly difficult time. Praying for strength and protection, and that you may somehow rest in God's unfailing presence.
    Continue making those precious memories,
    All our thoughts and prayers,
    Luke & Cindy Day

  30. Colin and Missy,
    My heart breaks for the two of you. My wife and I read your blog for the first time today and sat on our couch in tears. Even as I write I am overwhelmed by the situation you two face. I desperately wish that there were words to say that would make things easier but that is not the case. I remember meeting you two at Darren and Sarah's wedding and the fun loving couple that you were. Please know that our prayers are with you and your family and that Colin is an incredible testimony and witness.
    Adam & Carrie Breitkreuz

  31. Melissa and Colin,
    It has been a very long time since we enjoyed boating with you and your family, Melissa. You have grew from a young girl, into an amazing, faithful and strong teenager to a beautiful Godly Woman. When we heard Melissa was getting married; we knew that this young man; Colin, had to be someone very special and incredible. A man of God and someone who would love her through the good times and the bad times. Melissa and Colin, you have been an inspiration to our family on so many different levels. We'll always be very grateful to the two of you for your beautiful Christ Like Example. We marvel at your strenth that only can come from knowing God personally & the beautiful witness you are to so many people. Words completely fail us when trying to express how we feel for the two of you. Please know that our prayers will continue to be with you now and in the future. We pray for a hedge of protection surrounding you and your family. May God grant you some precious time and make it as painless as it possibly may be. Both emotionally and physically. Our love and prayers are with you, your boys and your extended families. Please know that we're thinking of you both and wish you a "life time" of beautiful memories in the time you have left - All our Love and Prayers. The Brink family.

  32. Colin & Melissa,
    I know that you probably don't know me, but I know your parents, Melissa. All of you are in my thoughts and prayers whenever God brings you to mind. May God comfort you and give you peace and relief from pain.

    Cindy Bell

  33. colin and missy, I am thanking God for one of those mundane jobs that gives me the chance to pray for you guys many many times a day. Praying for God's loving and comforting presence to be surrounding you today and some good little belly giggles for you all too!!

  34. My name is Kelly Schmaltz and i met you guys at BBC. After, we lived close to Medicine Hat and would see Colin at Totem often. Our prayers have been with you all this week as I heard of Colin's condition. Just know that people are praying for the both of you all over the place,people that you don't even know.

  35. You are in our thoughts and prayers....