Saturday, June 26, 2010

More Time...Please....

Well today all of Colin's siblings and immediate family will be will be good to spend some time together, altogether since it has been so long.
Yesturday was one of the hardest days, of making palliative care arrangements and helping me have a "plan B" and also making funeral arrangments...Wow, never at our ages did i ever dream of having to do something so incredibly painful. God is good and HE held us up and kept us strong for the entire day....we had a rough night last one point we just wept in each other's sad, just don't want to have to say goodbye this is an emotional day for me in particular, i'm sure it will be with Colin's family as much to do in soo little time....LORD give me and the boys some more good memories...give Colin's family great memories to hold on to, and for my family as well!
Corban and i talked about Daddy going to be with Jesus....i am profoundly amazed at how he has understanding for such an adult issue....i think he has more clarity than us adults do at times! Our term that we are using is "passing away" Corban wishes to use, so we will make that our term....God has given him such a smart mind to process this right now, and i am so lucky to have this special little boys as my oldest, he and i will get through this together, he is such a big helper with Keegan! I am so lucky to have little pieces of Colin in our boys, i am so honored to bring them wish would not to have to do it alone, i pray i can give them what they need and help them hold on to their Daddy. I have been getting such sweet little moments on camera and video, so hopefully it will help them as they get older to see how much they were loved by such an amazing Daddy. Oh Lord give us more time! Ok, right now, i am going to go and be with Colin, i will keep posting as we keep processing, we thank you all so much for your impact with support and prayers through this time! I truly am so thankful to each one of you!
Luv, Missy


  1. Colin and Missy,
    My prayers have been with you both for the last year. Colin, I am so thankful that you happened to come to my clinic last year. I believe God definitely had his hand in that, although I don't know why.
    Missy, I am so sorry that you have to face this future. I pray that you can continue to experience the love of the Father throughh this in a overwhelming way. My heart is breaking for the two of you.

    Missy, I am living in Foremost and Lethbridge, so if you ever need anything let me know. I know you are surrounded by your amazing families right now but please don't hesitate to call if you need to. 715-8409


  2. Bob & Joyce BartellJune 26, 2010 at 11:12 AM

    Colin and Melissa,
    We have been praying for you for the last year, ever since Colin was diagnosed. You have gone through so many ups and downs and God has sustained you and held you and helped you grow. But this is such a deep valley for both of you. However, we have confidence that God will continue to go with you even through this. He's promised He will and we know He'll keep His promises.
    Our hearts ache with you. We will continue to pray for both of you, for your boys and your families.
    Thank you for sharing your journey so openly. We have been blessed and challenged in seeing you grow through this difficult time.
    May God grant you His strength today. For all of us, all we know we have is today.
    Our love and prayers,
    Bob & Joyce

  3. praying for more precious time...

  4. Colin and Melissa,
    I can't even imagine how hard this is for you. My tears flow. You have an amazing gift writing the words that express what your heart feels. God give you all grace, comfort understanding and true treasure to hold on to in the days ahead. You'll need God to hold you more than ever and you know He will. Praise God for your growth in Him and you can testify that that doesn't come easy. My prayer is that your pain will not be fruitless but bring reward to God's kingdom for all eternity.
    Our deepest love to you and yours,
    Gerhard and Hilma Brost

  5. I will be organizing meals (fresh/frozen/baking) and collecting gift cards (Walmart,Superstore, Safeway, Costco and not so serious ones such as Starbucks, movie theatre ect.) Please contact me if you can help out, I will need alot of people as they woill need this blessing for quite some time. Please call me at 528-9169 or on cell at 952-5374, thanks
    Melissa Waechter

  6. We are thinking of you and praying for all of you. Your blogs have touched us; they have shown your reliance in God and the strength that He continues to give you during these most difficult times.
    Love Marla and Andrew

  7. Melissa and Colin,

    Thank you for sharing some of the most intimate parts of your souls, as you journeyed through this most difficult time. A mutual BBC friend informed us of your situation and your blog, so took the time to read from the very beginning and cannot begin to fathom the rollercoaster this has been on you all. Our hearts are heavy for each of you, and for your loved ones, and cant help but think of you and lift you up in prayer. THANK YOU...not only for sharing your fears and joys each step of the way, but most importantly for the testament of faith, you've each displayed and encouraged us to live by! We are touched, changed and moved, just having the opportunity to follow your blog, and as each moment passes, we pray for God to touch Colin and give him peace and comfort in his time of pain and that He gives you much more precious time as a family. We ask that God hold each of you and your two sons in the comfort of His love and strength and that your time together can be sweet ones to remember and cherish! Our hearts are heavy and tears shed for you and your loved ones, but know God has and will continue to carry you through these has been evident thus far.

    With love and prayers,
    Ria and Brent Wiens

  8. colin and missy,
    it's hard to even find words to express just how sorrowfull i feel for you two and your beautiful little two are such an amazing testament to those around you...missy you are an amazing, beautiful woman, so wise beyond your years and you colin are an example of what a man of God looks like... i pray you will be blessed....
    i was talking to stephanie enns (kendal enn's sister) and eugene brewers wife..she remembers colin and wanted me to send her prayers and thougts to your guys are so loved from near and far...

  9. Oh Melissa and Colin,

    This is not the news that we have hoped and prayed for. We ache for you and are so sad that your time is short. It is not what we would choose; but we trust in a God who knows far better than we do what goodness is, and we know that even in the hardest places, God is faithful, merciful, gracious, and wise. Your bravery and courage comes from the LORD, and He will not abandon you now, while you walk through this desert place. Blessed be the name of the LORD, who walks with you and holds you in his keeping, sustaining you in his unlimited Love.

    Psalm 68:5 A father to the fatherless and a defender of widows is God in his holy dwelling.

    God will be Father to Corbin and Keegan while Colin rests in Jesus, and God will defend you Melissa. The dream of Colin's heart to serve and protect is not lost or forgotten. He'll be serving his Saviour and God's own protection will cover you.

    We continue to pray for strength, wisdom, peace, grace, and the healing presence of God to attend you. Hope there is lots of laughter in the coming days.

    Love, Jeff and Lisa

  10. You two and the rest of your families are the strongest and bravest people I have known for a long while. And not because you aren't sad or aren't frightened or heart broken, because I know you are -- but because you are so real and honest and confident in God's presence. You radiate God's love, peace and presence and we feel it even here way out west on Van Island! Your difficult journey has touched the lives of so many and may the blessings the Lord brings you at this time in your journey be multiplied ten fold upon you! Everyday in every hour we think about you and pray for you all. Our deepest prayer for you two and your boys is that God would give His peace which passes all understanding -- because there is nothing that we can fathom or understand in the face of this kind of grief -- only that God is Good and he will give you everything you need.

    With all our love, thoughts and prayers,
    Katie and Travis Orr

  11. The Seitz FamilyJune 27, 2010 at 1:01 AM

    Colin and Missy

    We have enjoyed watching you grow up from a little girl into a wife and young mother. You have shared your heart thru song and service throughout your life. You have always been a special little girl. I pray that you can hold onto that same spirit throughout this soul searching time. You have been a blessing to us all through your life.

    Colin. I still remember the first time i met you at Briercrest. You took our son Jon under your wing and he has always spoke well of you. He loved your spirit and your hockey savvy as well. I will always remember the way you lived your life. You are truly a man of Gods own heart.
    Just the other night we shared a few good crys and memories with Glen and Sue and Bob and Joyce. None of us really understand, but we continue to trust, that our God has a unique plan for all of us.
    Just given you guys a big hug right now and will try and share your pain with you and with God.
    We Love you both.
    TIM and Val

  12. We grieve with you, Colin and Melissa. In the hours, days, and months ahead, we will continually pray, even when we aren't quite sure what to pray because of how heavy our hearts are for you and your family. We will help provide for you when you need support. You have been so faithful in your trust and responses to God, it is just astounding to me and such a huge witness. Continuing to pray, Meghan Elkink