Tuesday, June 8, 2010

You Make The Difference!!!

i need to be super quick here today, but i wanted to let you know what's happening...we got a call this morning, from radiation that Colin's first appointment is this Thursday morning, and again on Friday...then we come home for the weekend and head back up on Monday and get right into things. Although we knew it could come, i don't think Colin or i was really prepared for that news....just a lot more to do, in a little amount of time, but we are glad things are starting...Colin is NOT doing well today, VERY uncomfortable to say the least and he's having a lot more numbness in his arms and fingers as well as his face seems to be getting worse, if that even is possible. By that, i mean i can see his lips sagging even more and his eyes are really having a hard time adjusting and he's seeing blurred more often than not. Since the lymphoma has been effecting his central nervous system, these symptoms will only get worse until he is treated, so again, we are so glad it's starting sooner than later! We head up to my brother's house tomorrow night.
I took Corban in to the Doctor today, and since we know them well, they looked at me and said they were going to get me looked at as well....good thing...Corban was swabbed for step throat, it might not be, but they put him on antibiotics as his ears and throat were VERY red....He showed me, they were awful, poor little guy hardly complains, so i didn't even know how sick he actually was. Considering the situation, i am also on some antibiotics just to get me over this once and for all, so i'm ready for the road ahead. Now...i am just begging God for this to be it, and that Keegan and Colin stay safe from Step throat or whatever else this was!
Anyhoo....i need to go play diggers with the boys, Colin is up trying to rest...i hope the pain meds kick in soon. Not sure what kind of night we will have but i have to PRAISE GOD for last nite, a whole glorious night's rest without any interruptions until 8am this morning, that was what we needed, but i wish i could say the same for Colin, he was up but only once....we just need to get him started and i pray relief will come, sooner than later!
ok, i will let you know how everything is going once we get to Calgary! Colin asked what i was going to do in the waiting rooms each day and i told him that of course i was going to updating all of you!!!! Thanks for all of you support! I had a thought today that it is the picture of God using each of you to help carry us with your prayers and meals, and encouragments and hugs......we love you, we couldn't do it without you!
Luv, Missy


  1. I am so glad that you will get to Calg sooner than later!! That is great! Hang in there Colin and we are praying for you daily! Love Auntie Dawna for the Motz men too :)

  2. Hang in the buddy! We are all pulling for you down at the station. I know that you might think that we forget about you but believe me there isn't a day that goes by without you crossing our minds. Can't wait to see you out on the streets! Corbett family

  3. I am Stacey Allen's mom, I just read your blog. Stacey told me a bit about what your family is going through. My heart goes out to all of you. I pray peace for you and your family. Lyn

  4. Praying for you today....Rhonda Schellenberg

  5. How was the first radiation session? We were praying for you both this morning, and wondered how it went.

    Lisa and Jeff