Wednesday, June 16, 2010

No Complaints

All i can say is that it's a good thing Colin was doing better at the beginning of the week. By "better" i should clarify that it's all mentally, physically, he is usually always the same. Bedridden except for meals, and him being determined to keep moving. The nurses are always telling him each day, "make sure you keep resting, get your rest in at every moment possible". Each day this week has been getting progressively worse, more exhaustion (like, that is even possible), and more and more pain BUT we were told that it would be getting worse before better, so i am holding onto that, that this somehow could get better, soon. This morning we had an early appointment and i was concerned about how i could get Colin up and moving in time to be there, and factoring in Calgary traffic, we actually did ok, and he even got in early for his appointment. I found a wheelchair close by where i parked, so God was taking care of us, for sure!
Once i got Colin home and made him breakfast, i got him settled in bed again for a nap, and then went and ran some errands and came home just in time for lunch and then after Colin's nap #2, he had enough energy mustered up to stay in the tub for a quick cleaning before having to get back to bed....while he was resting, i changed his PICC line dressing (used more for bloodwork and chemo, but they haven't removed it yet). Tonite he has been having a lot more pain and discomfort so i'm praying we have it under control enough that he can get a good sleep. He's tucked into bed for the night now, and i'm headed that way myself very soon. I just wanted to update and let you know what the week is looking like for us. Still no nausea, PRAISE GOD, as for the rest, i'm learning that my role as a caregiver has only just begun, and there was SO much that i took advantage of when Colin was up in Unit 57! Those nurses are AMAZING, i sure know nursing is NOT my calling, but there is nowhere else i would rather be than by my husband's side getting him through each day....we make sure we are able to laugh, even if it's just his shoulders that move, and that we can crack jokes and keep things light....tomorrow is our last full day up here, and i can't believe we're already 1/4 of the way through, well this schedule anyway, we'll see what they decide to do after these four weeks are done.
I've been talking to Nat and she is doing fantastically with the kids, after mom is done work each day this week, they have been loving all the kiddos together....we are so thankful for that! When we talked to boys tonite just before bedtime, Keegan actually said "ya you Dad" it was supposed to be, "Love you Dad", which is the first time i've heard him say that to anyone, so it lifted Colin's spirit's SO much!
Today was ok, we have nothing to complain about so we'll just pray tomorrow goes ok, and make sure Colin is resting lots....he's started doing some squats at bedtime, he has lost almost all of his muscle mass in his legs just skin and bone is all that's left, and it's such a struggle to get him up stairs, so we have to keep that there isn't so much physio needing to be done at the end....see, Unit 57 was on top of all of this stuff, and now it's my turn, so the learning curve isn't too bad, i'm just trying to remember everything that needs to be done each day:) There are so many out there fighting this cancer battle that have no support of a Unit 57, they do every step as an outpatient...AMAZING, i keep thinking of all of those all around us trudging through this painful journey. We are so lucky to have had the teaching and knowledge of the Staff of 57....We are so blessed!!
Anyhoo, i should lay my head down for the night, hope my brain shuts off to take a break as well!
Sleep tight!
luv, Melissa

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  1. Hi Colin and Melissa,

    I spoke to your mom Melissa, should you need my help with stay with the children please do not hesitate to ask me. i can take holidays to helpyou out. Stay strong, Allan & I are cheering for you.