Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What Tomorrow Will Bring...

Not much new to report on today, Colin had his treatment as scheduled this morning at 1130 and then he had his MRI this evening around 7pm..tomorrow sometime should be his spinal tap, so again we just wait. Ironically enough it's been more difficult on him to function in the hospital than out. At home, we have our system, our ways of doing things, and he just can't handle having to try to do things in the hospital. It's not good for him mentally to be couped up all day long, a home is so much better, and our nurse Karen told us today that she saw nothing wrong with us being able to have things back to normal by friday to get back home to our boys! We're just wanting to be done...so tired of what is ahead and seeing no improvements just makes things tough. Things are getting to the point now where it's sometimes just easier for me to feed him his meals, and walking is limited only to the bathroom and back or to get himself as far as the wheelchair. This is why home is better, he gets around easier and he forces himself to be more active.
The Doc's are looking into Colin's spiratic blood sugars, today they were up over 25 and they should be down around 4-7...so they are thinking this is diabetes being chemically induced by the steriod he is on. BUT he cannot be taken off of the steriods because of the swelling going on in his brain, so he will have be on medication and restricted diet to combat the evil effects of the high sugars, just one more thing to an already teetering pile. We're both just feeling overwhelmed today, we just wanna go home and have it all go away. BUT God will use our much needed rest tonite to strengthen us for a whole new day tomorrow. For now, i need to get to the rest part, and we'll take tomorrow when tomorrow comes! Thank God we have a hope and a safe place to "rest".
No word on when the results come back from the tests, hopefully by the time we drive home on friday we should know something more than we know now, i won't promise anything:)
i'll update when i can! Hopefully it will report that Colin can come back to Andy and Nat's for the duration of the week! Please pray for that, he needs to get out of that hospital!
ok, Good Night!
Luv, Melissa

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  1. I read this this morning and was hoping it could encourage you as well:

    Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial, because when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love him. (NIV)