Monday, July 19, 2010

BIG Cheers!!!

I have to write today with the most amazingly exciting news!!!!! Our BIGGEST little boy Corban just decided at about 2:00pm that he wanted his Papa and come over and take his training wheels off of his he waited until after supper when Papa was over and we took his training wheels off and literally OFF he went! I honestly don't know what i was prepared for, i thought he would get frustrated and discouraged and want it to go back to the way it was, BUT he was determined and so brave and he just went for it, and away he went down our back alley way! WOW! What a villiage it took...i mean the saying that it takes a villiage to raise a child, it's completely true, more so now that ever before! With a little lesson from Papa and Nana keeping Keegan from getting in the way and Steph (my cousin) with the camera in hand capturing every second of it, and me, masking my tears with such extreme albeit bittersweet excitement....being his biggest fan running after's such a kneejerk reaction to run into the house and want to show Colin all the pictures and have Corban tell him all about it...but we can't, so i just told Corban that Daddy and Jesus were cheering him on, SO proud of his accomplishment! i knew these days would come, but i just wasn't prepared for any this soon:)
Tonite Corban and i had a little cry, for missing Daddy again..we do it mostly around bedtime, when we cuddle and talk, and i'm so glad he is open to keep me in the loop when he's feeling those things....i'm in this place of remembering, i mean, just looking back and having my mind take me to memories of Colin and I...finding old pictures and looking's weird, i didn't think i would have to look back until i was old and the kids were grown, BUT, it's here and now, and i am choosing to allow those memories to bless me....and be so thankful that God would entrust me to be a wife and a caregiver to such an amazing man, my sweetness, my Colin...I just wish i could still be in that role...that just wasn't God's will, so i'm praying for God to keep me, and guide me and for His plan to continue to take shape with me and our boys! Enough..i need to go watch the Bachlorette, oh man, i just butchered the spelling on that one, i'm drawing a blank which usually means, i'm done for this day! haha:)
Good Night!
Luv, Melissa


  1. We're cheering for Corban too! So proud of you little buddy:)
    Lookin' forward to this weekend - we miss you so much!

    Nat, Andy, Colby & Myla

  2. Good Job Corban! What a day for you guys. Taegen and I want to let you know we think of you daily. It is so hard not to. We love you very much. The kids can't wait until they can see the boys again.
    Brad, Taegen, Elowen, Linden, Rowena and Annora

  3. Way to go Corban and way to go Melissa for being such an amazing little momma!! We love you and big hugs to the boys!!
    Love Auntie Dawna for the Motz Men too :)

  4. Yay for Corban! And Yay for you, too, Melissa. You're doing a wonderful job with your boys. Colin and Jesus are looking down and cheering you on.

    Auntie Lorrie

  5. What a special day. I can almost see Colin & Jesus cherring Corban on. What a picture! I think of you so often. Love & Prayers, Jeanne

  6. What a great job, Corban; way to go!!!!

    Love to all!
    Aunt Debbie

  7. Oh sweet Corban, your daddy and Jesus were smiling ear to ear as you were, they are so very proud of you and LOVE you so much. It is so special that Jesus shares these moments with us and He will continue to as you grow up, through every milestone and even the tiniest of things, He loves us that much!

    Melissa Waechter

  8. Way to go Corban. Ah Melissa I felt similar feelings watching my Jenalee graduate. I just wanted to say to her daddy....look at our baby, all grown up. Those moments are bittersweet. They are gifts from God that keep our lives filled with joy, but tinged with sadness that we can't share it with our loved one. I will tell you what I do. Quite often when I come to my time of prayer I say to Jesus....I don't know if you can pass things onto someone who has gone onto heaven but if you can please tell Lorne that....and that is when I pour out all that I would tell him if he was here. I don't look to others to debate whether that can really happen or not in heaven. You see it doesn't matter. The healing comes from me sharing my heart with God and it is like a type of journaling of all the things I would like to say if Lorne was here. And who knows...maybe just maybe...Jesus really can pass that on to our loved one :)

    I am so proud of you. You are doing great girl and amidst all this really tough stuff life has dealt you are going to be fine. We are survivors and even more so, we are Believers!

    Love ya, Yvonne Kreiser

  9. Way to go Corban! Everyone is so proud of you..especially your Daddy in heaven!
    Isn't is wonderful to have days of joy and excitement with little ones? I remember those days and now I am reliving some of them with my grandchild. And you will too Melissa!

    Enjoy your day!
    Hugs, Nancy

  10. Hi Melissa,
    I wanted to pass on that my little daughter, Lucy (2 1/2) has been on this journey with you, your boys, with us. She understood my sadness during Colin's last weeks and has prayed for you, Keegan and Corban every night. And she thanks Jesus for Colin and GG (her Great grandma who went to heaven a few months ago). Jesus truly loves the little children~ I pray Jesus carries you through the sore mundane tasks to the days of joy. Peace be with you,
    Liesl Lockhart...I guess your 2nd cousin-in-law...but who's keeping track of all those mennonites!

  11. Hi this is elowen burritt... I just searched my name and found this... COOL!

    1. searched on google I mean...
      oh, this is me again- Elowen :D

  12. oh I read it now! good for corban! oh by the way this is elowen again. I miss you guys :( you should come out some time!