Thursday, July 1, 2010

Birthday Wishes...COME TRUE!!!

woweeee, again just finished reading all of those amazing comments, what smiles and tears and memories and just great feelings! Only God will know how you have helped carry this burden. I have said it so many times but i will say it again, what a privilege and an honor to be apart of the family of God! THANK YOU!!!
Since i didn't get a chance to post yesturday...we were having a party...i got my birthday wish of having Colin to celebrate with me one last time, he had everything arranged from a beautiful card and bouquet of flowers to the ice cream cake that we can't live without when anyone has a birthday! What a day, lots of laughter and fun. i mean tamed down fun since Colin can't handle too much these days, just before sitting down to supper last nite, made by Nicole (Colin's sister)YUM...MediCare just showed up with two hospital beds!!!! HAPPY BIRHTDAY to me, they had two so it isn't even like we're separate at all, we even got the deluxe versions with remotes to adjust to different positions. Even though Colin didn't do much but lay while we carried him in and out in bed sheets, he was so restless and exhausted last nite, with all teh hustle and bustle.
Today, Colin had a good morning spending it with his mom and dad while me and the kids had pancakes at my parents house, it was honestly the first time i left the house in over a week. i hadn't even noticed! The Doc's came today and adjusted Colin's pain meds again, up another level, each day it just gets a little worse. Today was the realization that he has nothing left for use in his extremeties, his hands just don't work....even to try to scratch his face, or hold teh straw to drink, someone has to help. This is so tough for him, so today he has been trying to just let things go...i'm so proud of him, he has done very well. We had a little quiet time this afternoon together, more good talks, and while Colin napped i just tried to study his features to make sure i don't soon forget....i had some journal time and Jesus time and it really was what i needed to recharge. I felt like today i had a really great day with all 3 of my boys. Corban even got a cuddle with Daddy in, he just sat and tickled Daddy's chest, so i captured it with my camera, i do that a lot these days!
Each day has truly been a precious gift, we are so blessed to be together again for another day, i pray for more great times tomorrow, Andy and Nat and the kids are here this weekend, so we'll have some family time with the Motz side....we are so blessed to have had the time with all of our immediate family.....i am blown away by our HUGE support system, i am sadly reminded of those who aren't so blessed, THANK YOU!
I need to go cuddle with my sweet hubby! i will keep you posted!
Much Love to you all!
Night Night
Luv, Melissa


  1. Amazing doesn't cover the journey you've been on. How open, and honest, and profound. We pray for you everyday, throughout the day. Happy Birthday Missy! We are in Lethbridge now, but still feel connected to the Hat and challenged in our faith by you both. Thank you!
    Love Heidi and Shawn Davis (wed mornings, and Shawn instructed firearms)

  2. I'm SO glad your birthday wish came true! What a blessing! A day you will never forget:) What a great God we serve! We love you all! May you rest in His arms tonight.

  3. Praise God! I was wondering how we could get away with sneaking a bed right out the front doors of our hospital, I should have just known that God would take care of you! Thank you again for your inspirational words Melissa. Snuggle Colin close and let him know that you and he are sooo loved and admired by so many of us. Thank you Melissa for finding this wonderful man, marrying him and giving each of us the opportunity and priviledge of knowing him!
    Kelly Kurp.

  4. Who knew hospital beds could be the best birthday present ever!! But its only you Melissa, with you great attitude, that would find that to be a great gift! Hugs to you both and may you have a great sleep together....Love you very much and you are in our thoughts and prayers,,,,God is good and I am so glad that Colin is taking each day as it comes and that you are making some more memories...The pic that Colin's mom took of you, Colin, Darrell and the boys is awesome!!! I will cherish it for always.
    Lotsa love,,,Auntie Dawna

  5. Dear Colin & Melissa:

    I am so glad your dream came true and that you had a wonderful birthday!! I am glad that Colin was able to cuddle with Corban, a memory that Corban will cherish. Another night where you can lay with your true love. What a great gift of love!

    May God bless you both tonight with a restful sleep and more precious memories tomorrow. I love you both!!!

    Aunt Debbie

  6. Dear Missi and Rat- Missi your faith is amzing and unshaken in Jesus. The Lord is here, with you and the body of Christ! Colin your persistance and WILL TO FIGHT is so inspiring. Missi the strength that you've shown in the Lord in this situation is so surreal. Colin (RAT), I Love You very much, we've had so many great times together! I pray every night for God to touch your body and give you more time with your amazing family. As Butch put it...Whether here, or there...On earth or with our heaveanly father... we will meet again. I love you both, sleep well tonight! Many prayers are with you tonight! :)
    Cory Fair

  7. Dear Cous, I often remember cheering for you in Sparrow Gardens, your heart remains the same and unchanged, even undaunted. I'm sure the angels have better signs made up than I did, but the message is the same, you're #1 and I'm so proud of you and incredibly blessed through you. You're the best brother of a kissing cousin a girl could ask for. My heart breaks for you and yours. As C.S. Lewis puts it, "courage child, we are all between the paws of the true Aslan".
    Blessings and love,

  8. I knew Colin and family 10 or more years ago. When I heard he got sick the first time, my heart ached for your family and you guys have been in my prayers often.

    I recently discovered this blog and words truly fail to describe how it has so deeply touched me. God is so good and I just am so in awe of how He is just all over you guys. Your family blesses me and my family and friends that I share you guys with.

    You are precious to me and loved and held up in prayer as often as you cross my mind (which is so often).

  9. Happy Birthday Missy! It really sounds like you had a wonderful day. I am so glad that you were able to spend it with Colin. I have learned through this blog that you are a truly amazing person. I find your spirit invigorating and inspiring. Thank you again for sharing all your thoughts, hopes and dreams with us!

    I am keeping you, Colin and your boys in my heart and sending love your way.

    Nicki Engel

  10. First Happy birthday Missy
    This is the day to which everyone wait every year to celebrate with their family.Colin is your fast friend so be continue to enjoy with Colin.

  11. Happy belated Birthday Missy! I think of you Colin and Missy a lot everyday and pray for a miracle. I know you are going to a better place but here's wishing the pain will stop and that better place can wait. Your boys are going to grow up strong and healthy and going through this will make them bold in their faith and that's encouraging.

    I bet you'd take another shot at a 6:45am morning practice at Sparrow, walking to the rink in the cold dry prairie wind just to skate on that ice one more time. But you won't get to, I won't either because it is gone and there is a new home for the Clippers. But the found vivid memories of us being so competitive out there on the rink in intramurals and how we would go head to head sometime and I remember one time when I realized that "the Rat" had matured more than I had when it came to sportsmanship and that is what will stick with me forever about you bro. When I saw a piece that I hadn't let go of that you did to become closer to God. This may sound hokey, but I truly believe I saw you reach closer for His hand that day.

    Missy, you have always been that smiling face to me and so friendly so you should not be surprised at how many people are watching and reading with anticipation. This blog has done wonders and I pray you can continue writing them along side Colin for years and years to come.

    God Bless you more than you can pathom!!

    Colin - take good care of your family my friend!! Love you, Hench #21 in your program but #11 on your blog post haha

    Do you know the best time to go to the dentist???
    Yup --- 2:30 (Tooth-hurty!!) Ok sleep tight!

  12. Praise God for those beds! I pray that God dumps buckets of blessings on you, pouring down and soaking you all with refreshing love and strength.
    praying faithfully
    Michelle Isaak
    Psalm 62:5,6

  13. We too have been following along on this heart breaking journey you have been on for the past year. I don't know what more to say that hasn't been said by all your friends on here already. Your faith has been inspiring to us all and we continue to keep your young family, the Motz family, and the Burritt family in our prayers.

    Bernie & Yvonne

  14. Yum, ice cream cake with your family! Sounds like a perfect day given by the God who loves and sustains you. Huge blessings as you learn to let go a little bit at a time. Praying for deep grace to attend you.

    Love, Lisa and Jeff

  15. So awesome is God! good to hear you had such a great day with lots of memories. it's cool when God looks after those small details. We are praying for you!

    Amber and Aaron

  16. Just wanted to pass some news along to you guys. Barret and I along with the help of Joy Foreman and Briercrest have been able to get the paperwork done to place a scholarship in Colin's name that will be used for the hockey program. We all felt that you needed to be recognized for your time as a Clipper athlete but also for the example of faith that you have been to all who have been able to be a part of your life! I hope that this scholarship can bring in players who love the Lord like you do and who live a live that is an example to others after they leave the program. May your days with your family be blessed and filled with the hope and love of Jesus Christ! Be Blessed my brother!!

    Brent Wiens

  17. Hi Colin and Melissa, As we continue to follow your journey we are amazed by God's continued and increasing grace in your lives. Having only met you once Melissa, and only knowing Colin as that smiley blond kid, we feel somewhat removed from your lives. As we have followed your blog we feel much closer to you both and have been witnessed to by your love and devotion to each other and to God. Our hearts ache with you as we anticipate God's will being done. It's hard to know how to pray sometimes, as our earthly desires seem to be in conflict with what God would have in this situation. We will continue to pray for your family as this journey contiues and trust that the peace,comfort and love that can only come from God,will flood your lives. We Love you both, Ed and Debbie Reirson

  18. Our dearest Colin & Melissa:
    As we read your updates and the comments, our eyes run over with tears. We are so overwhelmed by the impact you have made on so many people, Colin. We are so very proud of you and your accomplishments in such a short life. This world is a better place because of your faithfulness in our faithful God. Our hearts ache, not because you will soon be with Jesus but because you are leaving us. We are going to miss you so much. Melissa, you are the epitome of courage, strength and faith. We admire all of your qualities - we pray for continuing strength as you care for Colin with such loving care. We pray for more precious memories in the days to come.
    Love you all much, Grandpa and Grandma

  19. Hip Hip Horray!Praise the Lord for not ONE but TWO hospital beds!Jesus not only know's the plans for the big details but for the little one's as well..What a might God we Serve! Praying that today is once again a day filled with treasured memories that you will hold in your hearts forever! Praying each and everyday for You & colin and your sweet boys!! xoxoxo
    Shea and Ashley Jackson

  20. Missy,
    We're so glad for blessings like two beds and time together on your birthday! You two are amazing. You are cherishing every moment & living life like more of us should. We weep every time we read your blog, thinking of your lives from each of your perspectives. There are no words that are adequate --just prayers that God gives you strength, peace, & a deep confidence in his love for you in these days & the days ahead.

    Brad & Lois Lien

  21. Colin and Missy,

    One of the costs of raising our kids overseas was the lack of extended family time. We loved coming home on leave and spending time with all of you, marveling at how much you'd changed in the ensuing 2, 3, or 4 years since we last saw you.

    I am so glad that you came to BC for Christmas in 2008, and that so many of us could be together. I have photos of you, Colin, with Corban and of Missy with Keegan. We all admired the care and attention you paid to your children and the deliberate way that you choose how to train them.

    Who knew that 2009 would bring so many changes to your life? Not any of us, but we can rest in the confidence that God knew, and that He would give both of you his incredible grace. We see that grace and strength displayed in an awesome way in your lives right now.

    Auntie Lorrie and Uncle Tim

  22. To Colin and Missy, it's been awhile since our years at Caronport. Although we havent stayed in touch does not mean I haven't thought about you. Makway and I spent an evening in the old year books last spring and Jesse Jones and I this spring. When we came across your pictures they brought back some good memories. In the Words of Makway "The Rat-What a BEAUTY". I to can remember some ice time with you like when you were a speacial guest at Midget A practises. I will always remember your hard work ethic, As well your strong desire to share what you new about the game. And your passion for Mission skates. As I reflect back on the time I spent with you, I am reminded of your strong character and your deep love for God. Last summer I lost a good friend who also attended Caronport. I stuggled with the reasons why him and why so soon he to has two young boys. The same stuggle I faced when I heard about your situation, I am extremly blessed by the strength and depth of your faith through this all. I want you to know just like everyone else, each and everytime I think of you and your family my prayers and petitions are with you. God Bless and Thank You for being the blessing you have been in my life. Beric

  23. Words often fail me after I have read your blog. I sit in awe of the strength that you both have and the profound way you have chosen to share your story. If is so uplifting to read about your journey and see that although you have been challenged to the fullest extent neither of you have faltered in your faith. Your reward awaits both of you in heaven.

    Your testimonies are so sound and it was so brave of you both to share your journey with so many - some of us know you only through others, and some of us not at all - and here we can read about your intimate relationship with our great God - the almightly.

    I want to thank you both from the bottom of my heart for finding it in yours to share every blessing, and every struggle that you have faced in your own lives.
    May God continue to bless the little moments between husband and wife, father and sons, and family and friends.
    I hold you all in my thoughts and keep you all in prayers.
    Thank you for your bravery, and your christian example. You have been (and will forever be) a testimony to me.